This Girl Was Stranded At 1:30 In The Night And This Is What Two Cops Did

Indian Police Force is often slammed for several reasons with corruption, incompetence, and brutality against people being common. But there are few cops who spread hope with their honesty and dedication to their duty and have been lauded for it.

And one of its kind is Delhi Police which is known for its utmost dedication and sincerity it has shown towards the welfare of its citizens.

Recently, the officers in Khaki have proved to be very helpful and once again, they have done something which will make you salute them out of respect.

Yes, two Delhi police officials are being praised for helping a girl when they found her stranded on the road late at night. The girl named Priyanka Kamboj recently took to Facebook to narrate her unexpected encounter with the Delhi Police, it was expected to go viral.

The woman was stuck on the road in the middle of the night at 1:30 am. She tried calling various cab services but everyone charged her double at that hour. She was very much ready to pay any charge just to reach home safely but no one was helping her.

In the meantime, a police van on the patrol spotted this young lady and came forward for help.

ASI Om Prakash and ASI Daya Kishan from Pul Prahalad Pur police station stopped by and helped Kamboj in changing the tyre of her car. Not just that, they also made sure that she reaches home safely.

Describing the same, here’s what Priyanka wrote on her Facebook profile:
 “I was stuck on road at 1.30 am – tried calling various car services but instead of helping they asked for double/triple the amount. I was still willing to pay but then I saw this PCR stopping by, asking us what was wrong and they specially stopped and helped us changing the tyre. Thank you so much ASI Om Prakash & ASI Daya Kishan – Police Station -Pul Prahalad Pur. Not only they helped us change the Tyre but made sure we reached home safely. Rebuilding faith in humanity! #DelhiPolice #ThankYou,” she wrote.

We’re happy the Delhi police did something which earned the entire department a lot of appreciation by netizens.  Help someone when they need it the most.

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H/t & Image Source: Facebook