Why Jeans Have Small Buttons Near The Pockets? Here’s The Answer

Everyone of us will wear a Jean on a regular basis. Did you observe those tiny buttons on the pocket of your jeans?? Did you ever questioned yourself why those tiny buttons on your jeans are for?
Well they are not just a design accessory or a fashion trend of jeans as you think. Those tiny bits of metal on the pockets of your jeans are actually really important. Without them your jeans would be full of holes. The small bits of metal on pocket of jeans are called ‘Rivets’.

The History of Jeans and Rivets:

 In olden days jeans were considered perfect clothing for people who do hard physical work because of its roughness. As the time passes it became more popular and maximum class of the people started to use it. During that time, it was a common problem that the pocket would get ripped because of their physical work.
For this reason, the wife of a mining labourer went to Jacob Davis, a tailor, and asked if he could create a pair of denim work trousers that would not tear so easily.
Mr Davis came up with the idea of putting rivets on the areas that expose most strain, such as pocket corners and the base of the fly. The rivets put an end to the ripping apart of jeans helped to increase the lifespan of the trouser.

Jacob Davis & Levis Strauss:

Mr Davis joined with Levi Strauss, the man behind Levi’s jeans who sold Mr Davis the fabric to make his trousers. The two men received a patent for “Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings” on the design in 1873, and the riveted trousers became a huge success. Then they took the name ‘jeans’ during the 1960’s.

    Congratulate Mr Davis & Levi Strauss for making your jeans durable so long-lasting.